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Delrin/Acetal, Nylon & PVC

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Acetal/Delrin offers design engineers a superior blend of strength, stiffness, lubricity, and dimensional stability. These properties, along with inherent maching ease have made Acetal/Delrin one of the most widely used engineering grade thermoplastics. Acetal/Delrin comes in a broad array of stock shapes. These materials include both homopolymer and copolymer unfilled grades as well as PTFE-filled grades for enhanced wear resistance. We also offer an electrically conductive grade of Acetal that is used in the micro-electronics industry to dissipate static electric charges.

Benefits include: 185°F Continuous Use Temperature, High Strength and Stiffness, Excellent Toughness, Superior Wear Resistance, Low Moisture Absorption, Easily Machined and Fabricated

Industries include: Food Processing, Material Handling Equipment, Fluid Handling, Electronics Manufacturing, Automotive

Applications include: Pistons, ValvesManifolds, Food Product Forming Dies, Timing Screws, Scraper Blades, wear Strips, Pump Components, Gears, Bushings and Bearings, Electrical Components

Available in sheets and rods

Material options include Black, delrin AF, glass-filled, rectangular bar


Since its introduction in 1938. Nylon has become one of the world's most widely recognized and utilized engineering grade thermoplastics. Nylon's unique combination of high strength, good toughness, outstanding chemical resistance have made it the material of choice for product designs in a multitude of industries. When used to replace wear grade material like brass and bronze, no other material provides the combination of extended wearlife, light weight, and low fabricated part cost of nylon.

Benefits include: 210°F Continuous Use Temperature, High Strength and Stiffness, Excellent Toughness, Superior Wear and Abrasion Resistance, Outstanding Resistance to Chemical Attack, Easily Machined and Fabricated

Industries include: Food and Dairy Processing, Paper Manufacturing, Material Handling, Automotive, Fluid Handling, Textile Production, Electronics Manufacturing, Mining, Construction

Applications include: Pistons and Valves, Rollers and Wheels, Manifolds, Electrical Components, wear Pads and Wear Strips, Feed and Timing Screws, Gears,Sprockets,and Star Wheels, Scraper Blades

Available shapes: sheets, rods, and tubular bars


Shapes: Sheet and Rods

Material Types Includes:
  • Type I: a normal impact, corrosion resistant material offering the highest chemical resistance of all PVC grades. It is recommended for applications where the concentration of acids or alkalies are high and the normal work ing temperatures are low (below 140° F).
  • Type II: a high impact, corrosion resistance sheet that can be used in areas where higher impact resistance is required. It has excellent thermoformability and will not support combustion.
  • CPVC: a high temperature chlorinated PVC that has excellent corrosion resistance, high heat resistance and is easily fabricated. It will not support combustion and provides maximum corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures (up to 212° F).
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